Aftercare Instructions.

Ryan Wild

Aftercare Instructions.

Thankyou again for choosing me as your artist, I appreciate how much of a big deal choosing the correct artist for your new tattoo is!

Now that my part of the job is done it's your turn to make sure your tattoo turns out the best it possibly can, I've written up a step by step procedure to ensure your tattoo heals without any trouble!

(If you're using a second skin, please skip to stage 3)

1. Its now a few hours after your appointment and your dressing is looking a little nasty, take it off give it a clean with just warm water and your hand over the sink or bath, let it air dry for 10 minutes or so and pop some fresh dressing on for the night (don't worry about creams etc for now).

2. You're gunna wanna repeat this about 3 times a day for the next 2/3 days or so.
(Don't worry, the nasty looking stuff in the clingfilm won't hurt your tattoo as long as you do not let it dry on)

3. So it should now be 2/3 days after your appointment and you've realise your dressing isn't looking so nasty anymore! Which means you're onto the next step of healing! Lucky for you this step is the same as the first except instead of clingfilm/pad, you're gunna use a thin layer of cream.
I recommend the YAYO aftercare we sell in the shop (or available on their own website) but failing that, Palmers cocoa butter or pure coconut oil will do the job fine!

Make sure to wear loose, none irritating clothing around the tattooed area (stiff jeans, itchy jumpers etc).
Make sure not to get any soaps or cosmetic products in the tattoo.
Do not soak the tattoo in the bath.
If light scabbing does occur please do not pick at it this will ruin the tattoo completely.

Well it's a week or so later and your tattoo is looking abit 'silvery' and beginning to flake, this is great, your tattoo is almost complete, just gotta keep putting that cream on in thin layers and let the skin flake naturally, easy right!

If you're having any issues with healing your tattoo or feel it needs some touching up within a couple month of it fully healing please don't hesitate to pop into the studio for a chat! All touch ups within this time are free providing you have followed these instructions. (FREE TOUCH UPS WILL ONLY BE HONOURED FOR NATURAL FALL OUT. ANY CAUGHT, PICKED OR NEGLECTED TATTOOS WILL BE CHARGED AT REGULAR RATE.)